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Your Business Growth With Digital Marketing

Your Business Growth With Digital Marketing

Sustaining and flourishing, as an entrepreneur or business owner one must know the difference between these two or at least be familiar with them. Yet, as a business owner are you familiar with the importance of Digital Marketing? If a business is at a break-even point, the owner is relieved as it is surviving and performing okay. But if a business is advancing and producing greater profits and doing high volumes in return, everyone in the organization is thrilled. The feeling is astounding to be in charge of a growing business, Yes?

There are a lot of constituents that matter in business growth, digital marketing is one of the most important of these portions. Digital marketing can take a business from enduring to the blooming stage. Are you using the advantage of digital platforms for your business growth like advertising on social media, search engine ads strategies, or advertising on YouTube? If not, you should start. The role of digital marketing is very significant in your business growth in today’s era.

What is digital marketing and how it is vital for the growth of your business? and how can you take maximum gain out of digital marketing to prosper your business?

Digital Marketing Described

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing, and e-mail direct marketing are some of the basic types of digital marketing. In the last decade, digital marketing is getting popularized. The simple reason behind this is the average time spent on the internet. The latest Digital 2019 report, from Hootsuite and We Are Social, shows we are spending on average 6 hours and 42 minutes online per day. Half of that is consumed on mobile devices.

With the growing use of the internet, being a business owner you should take advantage of this. Examine where you can exercise digital marketing in your business or you will be gone retarded. Recent survey reports say 57% of companies got new customers from their blogs. LinkedIn brought in 62% of customers, Facebook added 52% and some serious traffic comes from Twitter. Now is the time to say goodbyes to billboards and huge hoarding to bring customers, rather than reach out to them over the internet. Every day at least 30 minutes are spent on Facebook by an individual, and that approaches thirty minutes a day of prime time promoting for you as a business owner.

The conclusion is that digital marketing is important for business growth. Outwardly, it is very challenging.

Digital Marketing for Small Enterprises

If you are a small enterprise or startup you might not have enough money, manpower, and time for the conventional way of marketing methods. Don’t trouble, you don’t require 100s of people on the team. You just need a mere, well-built, and reliable digital marketing plan. Since the internet evolved throughout, the marketing field straightened. It was long ago when a business think digital marketing is for big corporations that have supplies and funds. Instead, digital marketing helps small enterprises to compete for head-on with big corporations without immense spending resources. No matter if you are a small shop or a producing unit, you can reach out to your best audience with small budgets by appropriating digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing makes it easy for small enterprises to grasp a wide audience, regionally, nationwide, and across. Let us take OYO Rooms for example. A very humble startup, OYO Rooms is an online aggregator of budget hotels in India claiming to be the largest chain of hotels. They started their business with one small hotel in Gurgaon, with digital marketing strategies now they have over 10000+ property partners including overseas. OYO strategizes to use all means of social media by targeting potential customers based on their interests, behaviour, and other parameters that are readily available via digital marketing. Public reviews and customer suggestions make a huge difference in consumer decisions. OYO provides promo codes and discount cards to the users who connect or promote their fellows to use OYO services. And that covers them over the internet by true marketing of ‘word of mouth’. In a nutshell, OYO does digital marketing right, and that’s what helped them grow one of the biggest venture capital-backed startups.

More Economical Advertising

Advertising your business is very cost-effective on digital platforms, now you don’t have to lease a signboard place or hang large hoardings. You just need a laptop and little know-how about how it works or help from a digital marketing agency won’t trouble you either. If we examine traditional marketing tacts with digital marketing, the latter is more advantageous and more economical. CPL(cost per lead) is much lower than the conventional way of marketing. Having a low CPL is your goal, isn’t it?

Social media marketing and email marketing are best for good leads at lower CPL. No matter how small your advertising budget is you can execute some plans. Send some marketing emails, create a social media account for your business, and write some SEO-optimized blog posts. If you analyze the outcomes, digital marketing is almost free. More traffic at a humbler cost – if you still don’t take advantage of digital marketing it would be something crazy. How much will you save on advertising your business and what will you do with that money? Simple: use that back into your business and see exponential growth. Use some portion of your budget to hire digital marketing specialists so things can truly take off.

Track Your Performance

It is very easy to track your conversion rate in digital marketing. Your ultimate goal is that people visiting your site to download or make purchases and subscribe to your email list and become new happy customers. The internet makes it manageable for you to keep a record of what’s converting well and what’s not. High conversion rates mean business growth.

According to Google Ads, conversion rates are calculated by taking the number of conversions and dividing them by the number of clicks on the ad which can be tracked during a period. As you can see it is far easier to track online conversion rates than offline ones. You don’t have to remember everything when technology is there to track all for you. Social media platforms allow customers to directly interact with you. People are happy to buy from businesses that have strong customer relations.

Not only it is easy to track your conversions but you can skyrocket your business with digital marketing strategies. SEO, email marketing, PPC, Social media marketing, and other forms of digital marketing will certainly help your business flourish and you can keep a track of your performance.

So, your business grows with digital marketing

From SEO to social media management to shareable content digital marketing is extremely important. 

While 72% of people don’t believe in an advertisement while 92% of people do believe in recommendations from friends, Word of mouth is very powerful. This can be done over the internet very fast.

“Every business needs to be online and digital,” O’Kane said, according to BusinessWorld. 

“To keep growing, small and medium businesses need to meet their customers where they spend most of their time, online. Online, your local market is as big as you want it to be.”

Your business can’t grow without digital marketing. Desire to grow your business? Contact us today to discuss digital marketing strategies for your business.