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SEO and the tactics

SEO and the tactics

SEO can be tough to understand, there are various purposes, difficulties, and tactics that you can exercise when practising SEO. So, what does SEO mean? The answer to that is Search Engine Optimisation and there is a genuine understanding as to why it is named that. When a website is created, you have the design and code aspect. Many people speculate at this point, the website is comprehensive and can be started for people to visit, though, this is not the state. Search engines such as Google or Bing have rule-setting algorithms that define which websites rank higher, this is where SEO gets into the game – optimizing your website to provide to the search engine algorithms. This can typically involve website owners who will need to go through the design and code of the website, to assure that they are passing all the rules set by search engines.

What Can Happen if I Practice Some SEO tactics?

Ensuring that the right approach is put into place for your website or business is essential for the success of your website. However, if it is done precisely, you can extensively increase the number of guests (traffic) to your website. This will in turn boost conversions on your website. For many business owners, this is a sufficient reason to apply search engine optimizations to their websites.

If you are looking to enhance your online status, SEO is also the way to go. With solid strategic marketing supported by SEO, you can raise your brand identity. A lot of companies do this well, to make sure that their fame is more eminent than their competitors by accumulating a large number of reviews, backlinks, and more. These two points are just the basics of SEO. Discover more about how SEO can benefit your business.

Types of SEO

Various tactics come with SEO and people are regularly trying new tactics that test the boundaries of Google’s famous algorithms. However, SEO can simply come in two distinct ways.

Black Hat SEO, the wrong way!

Black hat SEO is named due to the use of typical spam tactics online. This can include:

  • Hidden content/links
  • Spamming websites/ website owners
  • Link farming and private blog networks
  • Fake reviews

We strongly suggest that you do not use any of the technic mentioned above. Not only are they typically wrong but they can also get your website domain excluded from search engines. In most circumstances, you will see a penalty on your website via one of the search engine tools such as Google’s search console.

White Hat SEO, the right way!

White hat SEO is at the other end of the spectrum as the name hints. This is how we do SEO here at Fly Atomic and have seen many great success stories. Some of the things you can do to be more ‘white hat’ are:

  • Create good, informative, authoritative content
  • Be more focused on your industry
  • Act with integrity, transparency, and honesty
  • Reputable link building is favoured
  • Optimize your website technically, in a way that will support user experience

The tactics suggested above are just some of the things we do here at Fly Atomic. As stated earlier, we have a high success rate. Obtaining Black Hat SEO tactics is a risky game and we recommend that you always get a second opinion if you think your website has been affected by Black Hats.

How you can Improve Your SEO

The most important thing upon enhancing your search engine optimization is to simply start on it, the right way. Getting results through SEO can take a longer time, so stay with it and over time, your website will grow from strength to strength. If confused, get in touch with us. We will help you get results sooner with proven tactics.